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Milling , Grinding , Turning

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Welding of metals, stainless steel and aluminum

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RENFIL is a dynamically developing company associated with the metal industry. It specializes in the production of machine parts and welded structures on the basis of the documentation provided

Since 2006. Actively we operate on the Norwegian market, where we hired employees provide services to Norwegian companies.
To meet customer expectations, our products are controlled at all stages of production. We are a close-knit and experienced team. We are ambitious and open to new challenges.

  • Highest quality 100%
  • Development Brands 99%
  • Production control 99%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Our services include:


  • CNC milling length max. 800 mm, width 500 mm
  • CNC turning max 250mm, max length. 430mm
  • Turning conventional machines max 1350x1500 mm Ø
  • Milling machines conventional max length. 1250x300mm
  • Cylindrical grinding max 250mm, max length. 1250mm
  • Grinding length max. 400 mm


  • Production of cold working.


  • Welding of metals, stainless steel and aluminum, steel structures and piping methods.
  • MIG / MAG 135.136
  • TIG 141
  • TIG- AC/DC
  • Coated electrode 111
  • brazing

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